Storage Rates for Boats on Trailers


  1. Non camper boats are not allowed to be left on the Rose Lake County Park Shoreline overnight.  They must be removed each day and either taken off the park property or apply for a summer storage permit.
  2. Non camper boat trailers are not allowed to be left in the boat launch parking area over night or on the park ball field parking area without registering the trailer the Park Office and paying summer storage fee.
  3. For the 2022 Camping Season there will be 20 Seasonal Storage Permits for boats on trailers at the following rates.  Monthly rate: $50.00   Seasonal Rate: $250.00
  4. An application must be completed at the Park Office and permits for both boats and trailers will be provided for the current season.
  5. Any Non Camper boats and trailers left at Rose Lake County Park overnight without a permit will be impounded and towed at the owner’s expense.

Enacted by the Osceola County Parks Commission
September 24th 2020