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BizStats is a leading free online source for small business statistics and financial ratios.  BizStats collects and adds value to public data, delivering it without cost in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format.  It can save you hours or days tracking down information.  Raw data is used to develop value-added calculations and publish the results in an easily accessible format for business owners, valuation professionals, accountants and consultants. 

Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business
This guide, published by the Michigan Small Business Development Center, is designed as an information tool, outlining the many steps, responsibilities, issues, and questions facing prospective and existing entrepreneurs.  Its written in a clear, easy to follow format.

The information in the guide is both general in nature and specific to Michigan.  It includes the steps and process for starting a business; different forms of business organization; key elements of a business plan; complying with federal, state, and local tax obligations; basics related to management, hiring, marketing and more.  The guide is not a substitute for legal or financial counsel, but it is an information resource and quick reference designed to make the process of starting and operating a business in Michigan a little less overwhelming. 

Michigan eLibrary
The Michigan eLibrary has a business gateway that is full of outstanding resources useful to both start-up and existing businesses. You really need to go to the site to appreciate what is there.  On the site you will find items such as:
  • Business Articles
  • Directories
  • Demographic databases
  • Forms
  • How to documents
  • Reference material
  • Research tools
  • Sample business plans 

Right Place, Inc. Data Center
Regional demographic and industry data.  Topics include: Education, Employment Costs & Taxes, Industry, Infrastructure, International Companies, Population & Demographics, Real Estate, Utilities, and Workforce. 

Small Business Administration Guide to Starting A Small Business
This guide published and maintained by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) helps business owners Plan, Launch, Manage, and Grow their business.  Each of the four sections addresses different topics that need to be considered when starting a business.  Information is presented in a clear, easy to follow format.

Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey is a free on-line survey tool that can help entrepreneurs get feedback on how consumers feel about their product idea, prices, distribution strategies, etc.   

Thomas is a data, platform and technology company that has become the leading resource for the industrial marketplace.    Thomas believes in the power of industry, and is uniquely capable of helping fuel its success.  For 120 years they have served the needs of B2B buyers.  In doing so, they support the industrial supplier that needs to reach, engage, and sell to them.