Middle Branch Township

Middle Branch Township Hall
(no mail is received at this address)
2963 15 Mile Road
Marion, MI 49665
Phone & Fax: (231) 743-2173
Facebook:  Middle Branch Township, MI 
  • OCTA (Osceola County Township Association) meeting dates for 2024: March 25 at Rose Lake Township Hall, July 22 (location not set but will be “Meet the Candidates”) and November 25 at Sherman Township Hall. All begin at 7:00 pm.
  • 2024 Tire Collection: May 16 & 17, 2024, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and the 18th from 8:00 am to Noon.  No tires over 4 foot tall nor over 12 inches wide, no airplane/forestry/weighted tires accepted.  All tires MUST be clean and dry, if not, we will NOT accept them. Cost is $0.25 per car/truck tire and $1.00 per semi tire. Collection site is behind the gas station on the corner of M-115 and M-66 in Marion.  Please remember this grant is for unwanted/discarded tires, not for businesses that collect money to take the tires.  Let's obey the rules so we don't lose future grants.  Questions?  Call Peggy at 231-631-9970
Middle Branch Township Supervisor
Glenn Wilson
(248) 533-2522

Middle Branch Township Trustee
Sara Blackledge
3022 12 Mile Road
Marion, MI 49665
(231) 734-2959
Middle Branch Township Clerk
Peggy Hoard
16692 20th Avenue
Marion, MI 49665
(231) 631-9970

Middle Branch Township Trustee
Bruce Tower
(231) 667-0054

Middle Branch Township Treasurer
Patrica Michell
3949 14 Mile Road
Marion, MI 49665
(231) 743-6636
Middle Branch Township Assessor
Brian Hoekema
(616) 318-0521
Middle Branch Township
Deputy Clerk
Lisa Johnson
14967 M-115
Marion, MI 49665
(231) 667-1014
Middle Branch Township
Deputy Treasurer
Lynne Austin
3684 14 Mile Road
Marion, MI 49665
(231) 743-6320

Board Meetings