Highland Township Zoning

Highland Township Zoning Administrator:
Chip Caruso 
(231) 499-2623

The Highland Township Planning Commission is currently writing an ordinance to regulate commercial solar generation and energy storage facilities as a Special Use.  The standards being considered are:  access/egress, decommissioning, facility size, fencing, ground cover, water run-off, set backs and noise limits.  The preservation of farmland is of major interest to the commission.  Please attend our meetings and voice any thoughts you may have regarding this topic.  You may also mail us your thoughts to: Highland Township Planning Commission, Attn: Jim Belcher, Secretary, 11671 22 Mile Rd, Tustin, MI 49688.

Planning Commission - 2024 Meeting Dates 
Planning Commission - Special Use Permit (Procedures and Application)

2010 Zoning Ordinance of Highland Township, Osceola County, Michigan
(This is the current Zoning Ordinance for Highland Township)