Burdell Township Ordinances

Contact the Township Clerk to ensure all ordinances are listed.

Effective Date                       Ordinance

August 7, 1977                      Outdoor Gatherings 

January 12, 1999                 Land Division Ordinance 

September 27, 2000            Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance 

July 27, 2015                             Zoning Ordinance - (Revised Ordinance Coming Soon) - Copies of the current Zoning 
                                                           Ordinance are available in the Tustin Community Library

February 12, 2019                 Marihuana Ordinance 

September 2020                  Burdell Township Land Use Plan

June 14, 2022                          Cemetery Ordinance - Copies of the Cemetery Ordinance are available in the Tustin 
                                                          Community Library