Register of Deeds
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Records are accessible online from 1988 to current using our ONLINE LAND RECORDS SEARCH.  

In office our records date back to 1853 and are hand written indexes through 2003.  We have public terminals for searching the Grantor/Grantee records starting in 1988.  All documents are imaged and available on computer to be searched by liber and page.

 1853 to present  Tract index by legal description (handwritten)
 1853 to 2003  Grantor/Grantee index books (handwritten)
 1988 to present  Public terminal Grantor/Grantee records
 1853 to present  Public terminal images searchable by Liber and Page
Grantor/Grantee name indexes are free for your browsing.  This includes our public terminal computers and handwritten index books. We maintain a detailed tract index by legal descriptions.  If you choose to search by legal description rather than Grantor/Grantee index there is a $50.00 per hour charge.  The county board of commissioners set this fee.  These are detailed records by quarter quarter, section, township, and range or by village/city/subdivision.  Not all counties maintain a tract index.  


We do not perform title or mineral searches.  Please see our Search Request Form for more information on requesting a name search or if you need to request documents by liber and page reference.  Searches will be completed as time allows.  We will try to complete your request within 3 days.  If you need same day service please contact an attorney or title company to assist you.