General Land Offices

United States land offices were the agencies responsible for the sale of the public land to individual purchasers.  The first land office in Michigan was established in Detroit in 1804, although no land sales were held until 1818.  As sales expanded, additional offices were established in Monroe (1823), White Pigeon (1831), Ionia (1836), Flint (1836), Sault Ste. Marie (1847), and Duncan (1854).  In 1888, after several of the offices had been moved or consolidated, the state was served by four land offices, in Detroit, East Saginaw, Reed City, and Marquette.  In that year, the three Lower Peninsula offices were consolidated and moved to Grayling. In 1898, the Grayling office was closed and the Marquette office became responsible for the entire state.  The Marquette land office, in turn, was closed in 1925.

We do not have land patents for properties in counties other than Osceola County.  To obtain copies for property in other counties please visit