Probate & Family Court
Judge Tyler Thompson
Courthouse Annex
410 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-6124

Probate & Family Court

Probate & Family Court
Judge Tyler Thompson
Courthouse Annex
410 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-6124


18th Probate District Court (Mecosta and Osceola Counties)
Judge Tyler Thompson

Until further notice, and pursuant to Orders of the Michigan Supreme Court, Mecosta and Osceola County Courts are closed to the general public.  That is, no one may personally appear at the courthouse for their court case.  However, criminal and civil court cases will continue to the extent possible remotely through Zoom videoconferencing. Essential staffing levels will be maintained to fulfill our core functions and to protect the community.  Due to these uncertain times, this information will be updated as possible but may not be current.  If you have questions – please call the Court.

For further information regarding statewide closures during the COVID-19 pandemic please see: 

Until further notice, all hearings will be held via Zoom videoconference in order to achieve social distancing.  Every effort will be made to follow Constitutional Due Process guarantees giving due regard for the safety of all litigants, their attorneys as well as witnesses.  All in-person civil hearings will be adjourned until further notice.  As possible, hearings will continue to be held via Zoom videoconference.  Participants will receive detailed Zoom videoconference instructions from the court, their attorney, or another party’s attorney prior to the hearing. 

All documents must be submitted by mail.   If you have paperwork to file regarding an emergency hearing, it may be filed by fax or by email.  Limited staff will be available to answer telephone calls as available.

        telephone:  (231) 592-0135 (ext.1)
                                  fax:  (231) 592-0191
                                  mail:  400 Elm St., Big Rapids, MI 49307

telephone:  (231) 832-6124
                                  fax:  (231) 832-6181
                                  mail:  410 West Upton Ave., Reed City, MI 49677

Mecosta and Osceola courts are offering a live broadcast of our public court hearings via YouTube.  The hearings are live, and will not be available to watch at a later time.  No person may record court proceedings without the express written permission of the presiding judge. 

Judge Tyler Thompson - 18th Probate District & 49th Circuit – Family Division

Probate & Family Court handles:

  • Estates, name changes, emancipations, trust registration, wills for safe keeping, and safe deposit box openings
  • Guardianships, protective proceedings, mental commitments, and drain appeals
  • Neglect / abuse and delinquency matters
  • Juvenile probation
  • Adoptions
Access to all Michigan State Court Approved forms can be found at:

The court is unable to provide legal advice, but you may contact an attorney or visit

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • Do I have to probate my parents estate?

If items remain in the decedent’s name alone, it is possible that the asset may need to be probated.  Please see or an attorney for further information.

  • Do I need a Guardianship/Conservatorship for my relative?

Please click the following links to learn more about Guardianship/Conservatorship:
What you need to know before filing a petition to appoint a guardian for an incapacitated adult.
What you need to know before filing a petition to appoint a conservator

  • Can I make out my own will?

Please see or speak to an attorney for information regarding drafting a will.

  • Do I have to file my will with the Probate Court before I die?

No, however the Probate Court does provide the service of storing your will in our vault in a sealed envelope.  If filed with the Probate Court, the will is strictly confidential and cannot be opened until your death.  You may view, exchange, or remove your will yourself or by completing a state court approved form authorizing another person to remove or exchange your will.  The cost to file your will for safe keeping is $25.00.

  • Do I always have to have an attorney to do probate matters?

No, however, the court is not allowed to give any legal advise.

  • Can I get forms from your office?

Yes, the Probate Court does provide forms at the window regarding probate matters.  All forms can also be accessed at:

  • What does it cost to open a new file?

Most files cost $175.00 to open; however, the cost may be less for some case types.  Please review the Probate Court Fee and Distribution Schedule for all fees regarding the Probate Court.

  • Can you recommend an attorney that can help me?

No, the court cannot recommend an attorney as that would be a conflict of interest.

  • Can I talk to the Judge about a matter?

No, the Judge may only speak to individuals regarding a case while on the record in a session of court.

  • How much do Certified Letters cost?

The cost for Letters of Authority is $12.00 as there are two pages.  This cost complies with the Probate Court Fee and Distribution Schedule.

  • Are you the Probation Department?

No; please contact District Court Probation, Circuit Court Probation or Juvenile Probation.  Probation is not part of the Probate Court.