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2021 Camping Season
The 2021 camping season will start on May 7, 2021.   

Volunteer Work Campers Needed at Rose Lake and Crittenden Parks
Volunteer work campers are needed at both Rose Lake and Crittenden Parks.  Volunteer work campers receive a campsite with water and electric for working at the park.  Volunteers can work 26 hours in exchange for one week of camping throughout the season.   A secure background check and park application are required to volunteer for employment.

Please fill out an application and submit to or

Pet Cleanup Deposit
The Osceola County Parks has put into place a pet cleanup deposit of $25.00 for individuals that do not clean up after their pets.  The deposit will be required for individuals who camp and neglect to clean up or take care of pets properly.  The $25.00 deposit can be refunded if you properly care for your pet while camping.

Park Survey / Comments
If you would like to complete our survey or provide comments you can do so with our Survey / Comment form.