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Assumed Business Name (Doing Business As)

A DBA (Doing Business As) is a business name that is different from your personal name.
Two DBA's cannot have the same or similar name in the same county, to avoid confusion.

Limited partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) and corporations must be filed with the State of Michigan, and not with the County Clerk's Office.  

There are guidelines when it comes to choosing an Assumed Business Name.  Please review" Choosing a Business Name", provided by the State of Michigan.

  • All DBA's are valid for 5 years
  • DBAs Cost: $10.00
  • Dissolution Fee: $10.00
  • Can be completed in person or mailed in
  • If the request is mailed in, signatures of all persons in the DBA must be notarized prior to submitting
  • Cash, check, money order and credit/debit card are accepted for payments
  • If there is more than one owner, all owners must sign the DBA Form in the presence of a notary public.