Community Development Dan Massy, Community Development Coordinator
301 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-7397

Planning Commission

Mission: To provide for the coordinated and harmonious development of Osceola County; and to function in cooperation with other constituted authorities of incorporated and unincorporated areas within Osceola County.

Corresponding State Act and/or County Resolution: 

Number of Members & Term of Office: Eleven members each serving three year terms.  Planning Commission members may serve consecutive terms.  If possible, a Commission member will represent a specific interest (i.e. education, recreation, business, etc.).  The Planning Commission Chair also serves on the Osceola County Parks Commission.

Quorum Requirement: Six members

Meetings Held: Meetings are scheduled annually during the first meeting each year.  Meetings are normally held the second week of January, April, June, and October at 4:00 p.m. in the County Courthouse, 301 W. Upton, Reed City, Michigan.

Minutes: Go to Agendas and Minutes.

Contact Information for the Planning Commission:
Dan Massy, Community Development Coordinator
301 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
Phone: (231) 832-7397 


 Name  Represents  Term Expires 
 Pamela Shinn  Citizen (general appointment)     12/31/21
 Ken Ford   Environment 12/31/22
 Rich Jacobs  Education  12/31/21
 Peggy Graham   Citizen (general appointment)  12/31/22
 Jerry Lindquist  Agriculture / Forestry  12/31/23
 James Custer   County Commissioner  County Commissioners appointed annually at their Organizational Meeting
 Greg White  Government / Municipal  12/31/22
 Aaron Mitchell  Small Business  12/31/23
 Rick Johnson  Economic Development  12/31/22 
 vacant  Recreation  
 vacant  Citizen (general appointment)