Animal Control Michelle Kuz, Director
502 N. Savidge Street
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-5790

Lost & Found

Oh where, oh where, did my lovely dog (or cat) go?  Oh where oh where can they be?  Call us, we may know!  If only I'd licensed my dog and had current identification on his collar! 
Have you or has someone you know lost a dog or cat or have you found a stray?  Always report lost animals and strays to Osceola County Animal Control at (231) 832-5790.  You can leave a message after hours.  We need as much of the following information as you can provide:

  • Approximate Date Lost
  • Your Phone Number (alternate phone numbers are also great)
  • Owners Name and Address, if known, or Your Name and Address, if found
  • Where Lost or Where Found, if different than Address Above
  • Whether or not the Animal had a Collar On
  • If so, What Color
  • Male or Female, or Spayed/Neutered 
  • Pet's Detailed Description, Color, Markings, etc.
  • Pet's Name
We keep an extensive lost and found book used to reunite pets and owners.  Also, please put your information on their collar.  We attempt to match strays using their collar and the lost and found list.  To ensure a safe and speedy return of your beloved family member, always call and let us know.  All we ask is you contact us should your pet be found.  This helps us keep our lost and found list current.
Please license your dog, it is the law, and is also another form of identification to ensure your pet is safely returned to you.  It is a small price to pay for someone you love.  Licenses expire on December 31st each year.  They are $10.00 for an unsexed (spayed or neutered) dog, $20.00 for a male or female.  We do offer a senior discount (for the owner, not the dog)! 

Please remember your rabies tag from the vet is not a dog license.  It must be a valid dog license from Osceola County.  Call our office for locations around the County where licenses can be purchased.  It is cheaper than a ticket for an unlicensed dog... and as always we thank you for being a responsible pet owner.