77th District Court
Judge Peter Jaklevic
410 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-6160

77th District Court

77th District Court
Judge Peter Jaklevic
410 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-6160


77th District Court (Mecosta and Osceola Counties)
Judge Peter M. Jaklevic

Until further notice, and pursuant to Orders of the Michigan Supreme Court, Mecosta and Osceola County Courts are closed to the general public.  That is, no one may personally appear at the courthouse for their court case.  However, criminal and civil court cases will continue to the extent possible remotely through Zoom videoconferencing.  Essential staffing levels will be maintained to fulfill our core functions and to protect the community.  Due to these uncertain times, this information will be updated as possible but may not be current.  If you have questions – please call the Court. 

For further information regarding statewide closures during the COVID-19 pandemic please see:    https://courts.michigan.gov/News-Events/Pages/COVID-19.aspx

For landlord / tenant information, see: https://courts.michigan.gov/News-Events/Pages/COVID-19-AR.aspx.  The June 9, 2020 Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order regarding Landlord Tenant filings: https://courts.michigan.gov/Courts/MichiganSupremeCourt/rules/court-rules-admin-matters/Administrative%20Orders/2020-08_2020-06-09_FormattedOrder_AO2020-17.pdf

If you receive a notice to appear in Court, you will also receive detailed instructions about how to appear remotely through Zoom.  The 77th District Court Zoom Meeting ID is 575-251-4352.  If you have any questions, please contact your attorney or the District Court. 
          Mecosta District Court: 231-592-0799
          Osceola District Court: 231-832-6155 

Collections - Call w/Card or Mail Money Orders:
          Mecosta:         231-592-0799 (Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
                                  Mail: 77th District Court, 400 Elm St., Big Rapids, MI 49307
          Osceola:          231-832-6155 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
                                  Mail: 77th District Court, 410 W. Upton, Reed City, MI 49677

Public Defenders 
          Dennis DuVall: 616-821-2216
          Jim Samuels: 231-349-2179
          Greg Merrifield: 231-743-6891

Probation Office
          Mecosta: 231-592-0190
          Osceola: 231-832-6162

You may watch a live broadcast of our public court hearings via YouTube.  The hearings are live, and will not be available to watch at a later time.  No person may record court proceedings without the express written permission of the presiding judge.

Judge Peter Jaklevic - 77th District Court

The District Court handles:

  • Misdemeanor cases, small claims, landlord and tenant issues, land contract forfeitures, breach of contract and all consumer complaints and other civil disputes where the amount of damages are less than $25,000.
  • Traffic tickets.
  • Initiation of charges and preliminary examination in felony cases.