ANNOUNCEMENTS Due to the Coronavirus Land Bank meetings are cancelled until further notice.
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Land Bank

Contact Information for the Osceola County Land Bank
Dan Massy, Community Development Coordinator
301 W. Upton Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-7397 

The mission of the Osceola County Land Bank Authority (OCLBA) is to improve the quality of life in Osceola County by involving local units of government, community organizations, and other stakeholders in finding the best way to return tax-foreclosed properties to the tax rolls and to utilize the program to promote community & economic development.

Corresponding State Act and/or County Resolution

Board Members  
By law the County Treasurer is an ex officio member.  Other members are the County's Community Development Coordinator and three individuals that must be Osceola County residents.  County residents serve three year terms and may be appointed to successive terms.

Jeanne Brown, esq. At Large Appointment Term ends 7/31/2019
Lori Leudeman County Treasurer Indefinite - term linked to position as County Treasurer
Dan Massy  Community Development Coordinator  Indefinite - term linked to position as Community Development Coordinator
Jack Nehmer  County Commissioner  County Commissioner Appointment - Appointments made at Board of Commissioners, Annual Organizational Meeting 
Marty Nieman  Local Government Appointment Term ends 7/31/2020 

The annual meeting schedule is determined at the first meeting each year.  A minimum of three members are required to form a quorum.  Meeting minutes are posted in the Agendas & Minutes section under the Government tab.

Available Properties
Osceola County currently does not have any properties in its Land Bank; however, the State of Michigan does have five Osceola County properties in its Land Bank.  You can obtain information on these properties, view pictures, view their location, and apply for these properties from the Property Search page of the State Land Bank Authority website.

  • 4973 River Road, Evart; residential vacant
  • Allegheny Trail vacant, Evart Township; residential vacant
  • Miramichi Dr., Evart Township; residential vacant
  • Miramichi Dr., Evart Township; residential vacant
  • River Rd., Sylvan Township; residential vacant
Completed Projects 

200 & 202 E. Main Street, Marion:  200 & 202 E. Main St. Project Fact Sheet