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Evart Air-Industrial Park

Evart Air-Industrial Park
N. Industrial Park Drive
Evart, Michigan

The Evart Air-Industrial Park is a Michigan Certified Business Park located in the City of Evart.  It is zoned General Industrial.  The City of Evart is located within an Opportunity Zone.  Adjacent to US-10, an all-weather highway, the Air-Industrial Park offers easy access to freeways serving Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Traverse City, Northern Michigan, as well as many other markets.  Manufacturers in the Evart area routinely serve customers with "just in time" requirements. 

Seven lots are available ranging in size from 3.65 to 9.92 acres.  Lots can be combined to form larger parcels.  All lots are level and clear.

All lots are municipal owned and shovel ready.  Utilities include electric (Consumers Energy), gas (MichCon), sanitary sewer (City of Evart), water (City of Evart), and storm water (City of Evart).  Wireless broadband service is available within the park.  Fiber is tentatively scheduled to be run in 2020.

A 75' by 4,200' lighted runway serves both business and industrial users.  The industrial park has been designed to allow direct loading and unloading of aircraft from most lots.
Sarah Dvoracek, Evart City Manager
(231) 734-2181
5814 100th Avenue, Evart, MI 49631

Evart Airport
    Distance to Markets       (miles)
  Chicago  260
  Cleveland  340
  Detroit  189
  Grand Rapids  83
  Indianapolis  375
  Lansing  115
  Distance to
  Nearest Highway:
  Distance to
  Nearest Freeway:
13 miles
  Size:  47 acres
  Percent Developed: 100%
  Percent Occupied:  17%
  Terms:  Negotiable; based on
  type of project, number of jobs,
  Park Tenants  
  Action Packaging
  MacLelland Integrated Services,
  PLM Lake & Land Management