Sherman Township Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Hall.  Planning Commission meetings which would occur on the same day as an election will either be cancelled or rescheduled with a notice posted.

Ron Moesta  (231) 920-7585 Chairperson
Pete Nemish (231) 920-8424  Township Board Representative to the Planning Commission
John Langworthy  (231) 829-3561  Member 
Amy Martin    Member
Tasha Lupinski (VanDusen) (231) 829-3611, ext. 7 Secretary
Representative to the Zoning Board of Appeals

2015 Planning Commission Minutes
January 6, 2015  (includes public hearing)  
February 3, 2015  
March 3, 2015  

Master Plan
Sherman Township Master Plan (without maps)
   Map 1, Sherman Township Location   
   Map 2, Sherman Township: Soil Associations
   Map 3, Sherman Township: Natural Features
   Map 4, Sherman Township: Community Facilities
   Map 5, Sherman Township: Existing Land Use
   Map 6, Sherman Township: Future Land Use