Sherman Township

Sherman Township

Township Hall

(no mail is received at this address)

14929 21 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

Township Mailing Addresses
For General Correspondence and FOIA direct mail to the Township Clerk.
See list of officers and addresses below for the correct mailing addresses for each office.


  • The Township would like to extend condolences to the family of Percy "Louie" Nye on his passing Monday, March 20, 2017.  Louie was a long time employee of the Township wearing many hats which included building inspector, Trustee, and Road Committee member.  He also maintained Grove Hill park and did our plowing.  His wife is also a township employee and has been on the Planning Commission and is currently an alternate for the Board of Review.  Louie's thoughtful, conscientious, and dedicated service to his community has been appreciated.  We will all miss him! 
  • SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE for the purpose of discussing road issues:
    Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
    Township Hall, 14929 21 Mile Road, Tustin.

  • Notice of Public Hearing
    Sherman Township, Osceola County
    Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
    Agenda items:
    1 - T. Fitzgerald, 20 Mile Road, application for bed increase to 7-12.
    2 - Verizon application for 199' wireless communication facility on A. Holmes property on 20 Mile between 150th and 160th Avenues.
    3 - Ordinance proposed updates: In Section 4.5A and 4.6A, removing #7 (redundant); in Section 4.5B and 4.6B, switching #4 "Home care facilities"to "State Licensed Residential Facility"  and finally, removing Home Care Institution from the list of defined terms in Chapter 2.  This meeting is open to the public. 

    Township landowners are encouraged to attend; alternately, you may send your written comments to the Planning Commission Secretary at 20904 145th Avenue, Tustin, MI 49688. Emailed comments are welcomed at:


Sherman Township Supervisor
David Eggle
23182 Mackinaw Trail
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 878-1269

Sherman Township Trustee
Board Rep. to Planning Commission
Pete Nemish

(231) 920-8424
Sherman Township Clerk
Bethany Bolduc
14625 20 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 829-3707

Sherman Township Trustee
Board Rep. to Tustin Area Fire Dist.
Donald Akers

(231) 775-4320

Sherman Township Treasurer
Sharon Black
16724 22 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 829-3826
Sherman Township Assessor
Jason Patterson
19770 23 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 878-6068
Board Meetings