Sherman Township

Sherman Township

Township Hall

(no mail is received at this address)

14929 21 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

Township Mailing Addresses
For General Correspondence and FOIA direct mail to the Township Clerk.
See list of officers and addresses below for the correct mailing addresses for each office.


  • At a regular meeting on October 8, 2019 Sherman Township, by way of unanimous vote of the Township Board, adopted Ordinance No. 13, an Ordinance to Regulate the Health, Safety, Welfare of the Public and Prohibit Marihuana Establishments Within the boundaries of Sherman Township.  Click here to read.
  • ZBA Meeting Notice
    The Sherman Township Zoning Board of Appeals will hold an Annual ORGANIZATIONAL meeting on Thursday, June 25, 2020, at 7:00 PM in the Sherman Township Hall located at 14929 21 Mile Road, Tustin.  The meeting is open to the public.  For further information or to request an access accommodation please contact the Clerk at or 231-829-3611.
    Bethany Bolduc, Sherman Township, Clerk

  • 2020 July Board of Review
    The Sherman Township Board of Review will meet at the Township Hall, 14929 21 Mile Road, Tustin, for the July session on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 9 AM for the purpose of hearing Hardship Exemption cases, Veterans Exemptions, Mutual Mistakes of Fact, and any other issues allowed hearing coverage due to recent executive orders resulting from the Covid-19 crisis.  Persons can submit their request for review by phone, email, or in person.  Accommodations made upon 5 days request for those with disabilities. 
    David Eggle, Supervisor, or 231-829-3611


In order to contact a board member by phone please call (231) 829-3611.  Once connected please select from one of the options to speak with a specific board member.

Sherman Township Supervisor
David Eggle
23182 Mackinaw Trail
Tustin, MI 49688
(231) 829-3611, extension 1

Sherman Township Trustee &
Board Rep. to Planning Commission
Pete Nemish
20285 130th Avenue
Tustin, MI 49688

Sherman Township Clerk
Bethany Bolduc
14625 20 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 829-3611, extension 2

Sherman Township Trustee &
Board Rep. to Tustin Area Fire Dist.
Dave Johns
12954 19 Mile Road
LeRoy, MI 49677

Sherman Township Treasurer
Sharon Black
16724 22 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688

(231) 829-3611, extension 3
Sherman Township Assessor
Jason Patterson
19770 23 Mile Road
Tustin, MI 49688
(231) 829-3611, extension 5
Board Meetings