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Richmond Township established a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) by Ordinance in 1999 as a means to undertake public facility improvements throughout its development area.  The Richmond Township DDA section of the website is currently under development.  Check back as information will be added throughout the spring and summer.  New information was last posted on 5/27/19.
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Richmond Township DDA Development and Tax Increment Finance Plan Update 2012
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Board Members & Board Minutes

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 DDA Board Minutes January 17, 2019

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  • Richmond Township Downtown Development Authority Economic Development GuidebookThe Economic Development Guidebook provides a baseline assessment of the existing conditions that drive the economy in Richmond Township and is intended to help local stakeholders and Township government officials implement strategies that contribute to the Township's economic health.  It includes strategic recommendations to enhance Richmond Township's business climate, ensure the fiscal health of the Township, and support economic growth in the Township in a manner consistent with the Township's character.
  • Richmond Township DDA Development & Tax Increment Finance Plan Update 2012:  As authorized by the Act, the Richmond Township Board and DDA determined it necessary to update the Development Plan and Tax Increment Finance Plan originally adopted in 2000 in order to continue to promote property tax valuation and economic development within the Downtown District.  The Richmond Township DDA Development & Tax Increment Finance Plan Update 2012 accomplishes three objectives:
-  Extends the life of the Plan through 2039 in order to undertake additional public improvements within the District;
-  Enables continued collection of tax increment revenues as a means to finance the proposed capital improvements; and,
-  Revises and expands the list of capital improvement projects to be undertaken during the life of the Plan.