Environment Consulting Services RFP - Questions & Responses

Q1.  What firms was the RFP sent to?

Response:  The RFP was sent by email to all Michigan based consulting firms that submitted a proposal to the RFP for Osceola County's 2008 EPA Brownfield grants and any firms that contacted Osceola County after the DEQ announced this grant award.  These firms are:
  • AKT Peerless
  • ASTI Environmental
  • ATC Group Services LLC
  • Cardno
  • Fleis & Vandenbrink
  • Global Environmental Engineering, Inc.
  • Golder
  • Otwell Mawby, P.C.
  • Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc.
Q2.  In the RFP, Appendix A did not include the Brownfield Redevelopment Grant/Loan document(s).  Can this be made available for reference?

Response:  View the Brownfield Grant Contract between the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Osceola County.  The contract includes Brownfield Redevelopment Grant / Loan, Appendix A.

Q3.  In Section V. Selection Criteria, A.4. describes that previous working relationship with the CDO or BRA will be used as a scoring factor, although in Appendix D Proposal Score Sheet, it is indicated that Bidders do not need to address (determined by Osceola County).  Are bidders forbidden to address previous Osceola County projects within the RFP response?

Response:  No, bidders ARE NOT forbidden from addressing previous Osceola County projects.  The reason bidders were not asked to specifically address this criteria is that the CDO and BRA are aware of who they have worked with in the past and in what manner; however, this does not preclude a bidder from addressing this topic if desired.  As a point of clarification, the phrase "previous working relationship" is not limited to strictly brownfield work.

Q4.  Could you provide the Parcel ID numbers of the four parcels involved in the grant?

Site #1, 19969 M-115, Marion:  06-027-002-00
Site #2, 901 W. 7th St., Evart:  51-150-003-00
Site #3, 10089 US-10, Evart:  51-005-007-00
Site #4, 214 N. Chestnut, Reed City:  52-118-012-50

Q5.  If a firm has not worked previously for the Community Development Office or the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority will their score for selection criteria 4 be 0?

Response:  If a firm has no history whatsoever their score would be zero; however, the score is zero to ten on a sliding scale.  Additionally, the work does not necessarily have to be brownfield related.  For example, a firm that did nothing more than provide a cost estimate to demo a building would score several points.

Q6.  Did the County write the grant application, or did a consultant write it?

Response:  The County wrote the application.

Q7.  Would it be possible to get a copy of the application?

Response:  Yes; Osceola County Brownfield Grant Application

Q8.  Do you have a cooperative work plan, and it is possible to get a copy?

Response:  We do not have a cooperative agreement yet.

Q9.  Is it okay to list only three references if they contain both Brownfield Project work as well as asbestos surveys, or would you like there to be a total of 5 separate references?

Response:  You can use the same reference for both an assessment and asbestos survey.  If you do so please make sure it is clear in the proposal that the individual is serving as a reference for both an assessment and asbestos survey. 

Q10.  Activity 4 – the title indicates asbestos, lead based paint, and mold survey but the description only indicates asbestos for demo.  Am I to assume you will not need any lead based paint or mold surveys on any of the four properties?

Response:  Correct; asbestos only.  I can see where that can be confusing.  My Activity titles were taken verbatim from the Eligible Activities listed in DEQs Anticipated Scope of Work/Budget.