Building Department

Building Department
Building:  Tony Gagliardo, Monday - Thursday
Electrical:  Tim Taylor, Tuesday & Thursday

Plumbing / Mechanical:  Ken Clark, Wednesday

22054 Professional Drive, Suite A (formerly 4323 220th Avenue)
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-6117

Building Permits

  • Building Permit applications are available from the Building Department or can be downloaded (go to navigation bar on left).
  • Required Documentation for a permit (follow the links or go to the navigation bar on the left for the required forms):

Proof of ownership:  If you just recently purchased the property we need a copy of the deed or land contract with the description.  If you have owned the property we can verify the property with your Property Tax #.
Address:  If the parcel does not have an address issued currently we would need an approved driveway permit with the correct measurements to assign an address for you.
Zoning Approval:  If you are in a zoned township, city or village we will need a copy of the zoning approval.  See Building Permit Process Flow Chart for the list of the zoned units.
Health Department Approval:  Provide a copy of the septic approval for all single family dwellings, mobiles, modulars and additions containing bedrooms.
Completed Building Permit Application along with the following:

-  2 Sets of drawings which include the spec sheet/cross section of the new construction.  Foundation plan.
-  Truss Drawings or until those are obtained the Roof Loading Data Sheet.
Detailed floor plan with dimensions.  If this is an addition also provide the floor plan of the existing structure.
Detailed site map showing all buildings and structures new and existing with accurate dimensions.  Include the estimated distance from your property lot lines.
Energy Code Compliance worksheet for all new residential dwellings and additions.  Commercial plans need lighting energy compliance provided.
Driveway approval from the County Road Commission for all new construction.  If on a State Highway contact MDOT.
Soil Erosion waiver or required permit.
Plan Review Fee all commercial projects and dwellings over 3,500 sq. ft. will be charged a plan review fee at the time of applying for a permit.  Each required permit including trades will have a plan review charge.
If you are the homeowner acting as the general contractor an affidavit form is required with your application.

Obtaining Permits & Scheduling Permits Online



Codes & Guidelines

  • Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)  
    You can check the status of an individual's license by name, license number, license type, or location at the LARA website.
  • REScheck-Web
    REScheck-Web simplifies residential energy code compliance by automating the trade-off calculations for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and a number of state-specific codes.  It performs just like REScheck, the desktop version, but you don't need to download or install any software on your computer.

Additional Forms, Permits, and Worksheets
Available on the navigation bar to the left or from the Building Department.