Adoptions Fees
Adoption fees do not include the required security deposit.

 Kitten  $2.00
 Cat  $5.00
 Puppy  $5.00
 Dog  $10.00

Dog Licenses
Dog licenses go on sale beginning November 1st for the upcoming year. 

 Unsexed  $5.00 
 Male / Female  $10.00
 Delinquent  Double

Impound Fees
Every owner that retrieves their animal will be responsible for paying impound and boarding fees prior to the animal leaving the shelter.

 Offense   $20.00 plus $5.00 per day

Other Fees

 Owner Request Pick-UP  $20.00 
 Owner Request Euthanasia
 (by appointment)
 Quarantine Bite Case  $5.00 per day
 Traps  $10.00 Security Deposit


Ticket Costs - (subject to change)

Dog at Large   $155.00
 Unlicensed Dog  $155.00
 Unvaccinated Dog  $155.00
 Livestock at Large  $155.00