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Osceola County has many boards and commissions and they deal with a variety of different subjects.  Serving on a board or commission can be an interesting way of serving the community.  Listed below are the Boards and Commissions the County is involved with.  If you are interested in serving on one of these boards or commissions please fill out the Boards and Commissions Appointment Application and mail it to the address on the form.  


Board or Commission Appointments Notes
Area Agency on Aging 1 - Elected Official

1 - Consumer of Services
(age 60+)
911 Authority Board 1 - County Commissioner

1 - Sheriff
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority 9 - Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)
Two open positions
Building Authority 2 - At-Large Appointments

1 - County Coordinator
Central Health Plan Board 1 - At Large Appointment
Central Michigan Public Health 2 - County Commissioners
Community Corrections Board 1 - County Commissioner

1 - Judicial Appointment from each Court
Community Mental Health 1 - County Commissioner
County Board of Canvassers 4 - Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)
County Planning Commission 2 - County Commissioners

Other nine individuals will represent different segments of Osceola County:

1 - Individual from agriculture
1 - Individual from education
1 - Individual from economic development
1 - Individual from small business
1 - Individual representing environmental interests
1 - individual representing recreational interests
3 - citizens from the public-at-large

Osceola County Community Developer

Ex-officio Members



Open positions


Recording Secretary

Emergency Planning Committee 1 - County Board of Commissioners, Safety Chair
Emergency Food & Shelter Program 1 - County Commissioner
Land Bank Authority 1- County Treasurer


1 - Community Developer

1 - individual representing local government

2 - At-large Appointments

County Treasurer must serve as Chairperson.

Community Developer must serve as Secretary/Treasurer.

Local government representative becomes at-large appointment if no one from local government wishes to serve.

Human Services Collaborative Body 1 - Appointment by Board of Commissioners
Northern Michigan Counties 1 - County Commissioner
Alternate - County Commissioner
Michigan Works 1 - County Elected Official
Alternate - County Elected Official, if desired
Mecosta Osceola Transit Authority 3 - Citizens

One city representative recommended by City Commission.

Natural Rivers State Zoning Review Board 2 - Regular Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)

2 Alternate Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)

One Regular Member to be a County official who works in planning, zoning, public health, soil erosion and sedimentation control or related field.

Northern Michigan Substance Abuse 1 - County Commissioner

May opt to not have County Commissioner in position.

Osceola County Building Board of Appeals 6 - Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)
Osceola County Human Services Board 2 - Members
(Appointed by Board of Commissioners)
Osceola Lake Conservation District 5 - Directors, Elected by Residents of District
Parks Commission 3 - County Commissioners

1 - Chair, Planning Commission

1 - Road Commissioner

1 - Drain Commissioner

4 - At Large Appointments
Solid Waste Planning Committee 1 - County Commissioner

Remaining Committee Appointments by Board of Commissioners.

West Central Michigan County Alliance All Commissioners may attend
West Michigan Regional Planning Commission (WMRPC) 1 - Public Sector

1 - Private Sector Representative

1 - At Large Appointment
WMRPC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee 1 - At Large Appointment

1 - Private Sector Representative
Open position
West Central Michigan Employment Consortium 1 - County Elected Official

Alternate - County Elected Official, if desired
Youth Attention Center 1 - County Commissioner


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